Being Alone III

Being alone is the most interesting subject to me, which brings up “being.” The unlikelyhood of “being” in the vastness of the universe (assuming that what most astronomers and astrophysicists tell us are semi-faithful attempts at truth). Of consciousness and consciousness of consciousness. Being able to think and write about these issues (as well as being able to feel love, joy, fear, and angst) seems an unlikely consequence of helium protons, the apparent 🙂 parent of everything that now exists, including me. And me thinking about me being me and about others I think I’ve known.

These stories of the universe could simply be stories I have somehow heard, not reports of scientific investigations, should I want to be a neurotic skeptic (the playground of conspiracy theorists). But I think that as a species, we have discovered a lot about this space/time into which we have miraculously emerged. 

With some of my friends, that last adverb might lead toward a god discussion. I’ll let that go. I am more interested in the simple phenomenon of this brief moment of hi, hello, what’s going on here?, my first thought when I was born in 1944.

That question takes me back to singularity, the act of being alone. I know of course that I’m not really alone. I have wonderful family and friends. I connect through email and facebook. Truly alone would be me in the Alaskan wilderness, no intention of going back.

Most of us solitudes are somewhere on a continuum of the wilderness to NYC. We are defined mostly by the fact that in our homes, we are alone (w/ dogs and cats and things). One of the interesting responses I had to one of my Alone posts reminded me that one’s orientation, introvert or extravert, would shape one’s reaction to solitude. A serious introvert may enjoy it. I’m a double-barrel extravert, the consequence of which is some difficulty in dealing with solitude.

I am certain there are thousands of sites where solitudes in various formats tell their stories. I have been thinking about creating one of my own, a non-centralized blog where people could tell their stories and think about what’s meaningful in life (a trick question) and talk to each other about it, maybe linking it to Facebook.

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  1. Hello.
    You, Mr Peckham, were my English instructor in Morgan Hill in the late 70’s. I was certain I was destined to be a writer. You were encouraging, enlightening, and positive. I write but nothing published. I now have grandchildren and scribbled a children’s book of our experiences but, never published. I thought of you today and looked you up. I hope you don’t mind.
    Thank you for all of your inspiration and heart.

    1. Hi, Tereasa. I am sorry for this late note. I haven”t been checking my webpage lately–got involved in writing something else (check them out on Facebook). A good place to be: just keep writing and never worry about publication. We just write for ourselves, family, and friends, and others who might want to read. Writing is simply a great way of thinking things through and of documenting where we have been. Do self-publish, using Kindle, your children’s book. Your ancestors will appreciate it.

  2. Hi, Mr Peckham. I just wrote a letter of appreciation to you regarding your recent Letter to the Editor before realizing it would be posted on this site. I would be happy to email it to you, but I’m not interested in posting it publicly. Thanks much!

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