April Moore: About Writing

I want to post here an essay/talk April wrote/gave to our Harrisonburg Unitarian Universalist group. Her message involves writing, leaving messages behind for the generations coming after us. I am a addictive diarist myself and a writing teacher who has always encouraged students to leave tracks by writing. I do not want my children or grandchildren to read my diaries. But perhaps my great-grandchildren who will read in the thousands of pages I have written what life was like for their great-great grandfather and his life with his wonderful wife, Sarah, who died way too young. I want them to know about Sarah.

April’s talk inspired others to think of ways they might preserve through writing what their lives and the lives of their ancestors were like. These are the stories of those of us who live under the radar: we’re not the privileged whose stories are automatically preserved (usually by ghost writers). They are our stories.

Here’s April’s essay/talk:

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