Ben Cline’s Sedition

I am disappointed in Representative Ben Cline for signing on to the bogus lawsuit initiated by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (currently under investigation for bribery and fraud charges) to disenfranchise voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Most readers know about the lawsuit: Texas is challenging the election laws of other states in the face of the Constitution which explicitly gives states have their own rights to determine the “Times, Places, and Manner” of congressional elections, subject to Congress’s authority to alter state regulations. 

I hardly need to argue the frivolity of this lawsuit based on flatulent claims of widespread fraud, which even Attorney General Barr has denied. Fifty-four of fifty-five court cases have been summarily dismissed for being poorly presented, lacking evidence, or self-contradictory (the best line coming from Jerome Marcus in response to the Philadelphia judge’s question of how many republican poll watchers were allowed to watch the ballot count – the lawsuit alleged republican poll watchers were excluded: there were “a nonzero number of people in the room.” 

“I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” the judge asked before throwing the case out of court. 

The bogus fraud claims read like something written by a seventh-grader’s spy novel: software code written into the tabulating programs to flip votes to ensure a Biden win in key states, Hugo Chavez rising from the grave to guarantee Biden’s win, votes being shipped to Germany where they could be manipulated undetected, North Korea sending shiploads of fraudulent ballots to some obscure port in Maine—and laughably, claims that the computer codes and frauds were so sophisticated that they left no evidence of fraud! One wonders how stupid con-artists think voters might be. 

Biden clearly fairly won this election by wide margins in the popular vote and electoral college. This final lawsuit initiated by Paxton looks like a Hail Mary when there are no receivers downfield. I can’t imagine that Representative Cline, who seems like an intelligent person, doesn’t knows that. What then could be Ben Cline’s motivation—or the motivation of the other 105 representatives who signed on to this remarkably stupid case? 

My objection is not merely the frivolity. It is the damage people like Cline are doing to our democracy. Cline can no longer claim republican or democratic values – that we intend to adhere to the Constitution, that we value our right to vote, that we will commit to a peaceful transition of power. Rather, he has joined the group and significantly, Donald Trump, who wish, paradoxically, to StealTheElection, denying 10,364,000 people who voted for Biden in the four states the right to vote. Ben Cline: how could you be so un-American? Instead of standing firm for American values, the values that have made us the beacon of hope, you have joined President Donald Trump in the gutter of poor losers. I encourage you to reflect carefully and acknowledge the clear results of the 2020 presidential election. If you don’t, I hope voters will remember your sedition in 2022.

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