While Holding Hands

I am thankful for our family and many close friends
Who have helped our children and me
Survive a difficult time
And for the blessings of our four grandchildren
And for good music, pickleball, bicycles
Dogs, Elizabeth Warren, and line dancing
And I pray to whatever force drives this wondrous universe
For a sense of humor that will help all of us
Survive the era of Trump
And may it soon suck him into a black hole
From which no tweets can escape

One Reply to “While Holding Hands”

  1. Hi Irv –
    My PC got hacked a couple of weeks ago, and when my son “cleaned” it for me, many of my emails got lost, among them yours. I have a Christmas card for you already written but inl need of a postal address.
    If you still such an item of antiquarian interest, I would be grateful if you would send it to me asap so that my Christmas card might arrive before Easter.
    Peace and Love,
    Lawrence and Daniela

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