While Holding Hands

I am thankful for our family and many close friends
Who have helped our children and me
Survive a difficult time
And for the blessings of our four grandchildren
And for good music, pickleball, bicycles
Dogs, Elizabeth Warren, and line dancing
And I pray to whatever force drives this wondrous universe
For a sense of humor that will help all of us
Survive the era of Trump
And may it soon suck him into a black hole
From which no tweets can escape

2 Replies to “While Holding Hands”

  1. Hi Irv –
    My PC got hacked a couple of weeks ago, and when my son “cleaned” it for me, many of my emails got lost, among them yours. I have a Christmas card for you already written but inl need of a postal address.
    If you still such an item of antiquarian interest, I would be grateful if you would send it to me asap so that my Christmas card might arrive before Easter.
    Peace and Love,
    Lawrence and Daniela

  2. Out of the blue I thought of you and Sarah tonight.

    Google can be amazing. We were hired the same time at live oak in 1974 I think.
    We almost bought property near aromas Together 10 acres. A quiet windy hill where Steinbeck might have written a book or two.

    I taught science which led to my interest in winemaking. I run the family winery and I’m the Winemaker. Ready to retire and read and write and travel like when I retired at 50.

    Hope to contact with you.

    Hosting our friend mark Hertsgaard for the next few weeks. A writing retreat for him. Lots of writer friends. As were you.

    Love your piece on Sarah a candle. We loved Sarah. Ok perhaps more than you. Ha ha😊


    Sent from my iPhone
    Jonathon Phillips
    Winemaker / owner
    Val du Vino

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