I don’t really know how to get a tweet thread going (by today’s standards, I still write by carving letters in stone), but I would like to start a thread that is title for this post. I am obviously addressing the Elizabeth Warren/DNA issue. The Scot part of the pic links more to me, but I can’t imagine that I don’t have some NA blood in me as well. I’m 12thgeneration gringo on my father’s side and probably about 6thgeneration on my mother’s side—and that’s not counting the distaff (what a revealing adjective!) sides of both my father and mother. I can’t imagine there weren’t some mixed marriages along the way—or I don’t know anything about sex. I know for sure (well, sort of) that the Caldwells were Scotch-Irish. So the Scotsman in the picture. [I know there’s an up and down issue in the pic, but it was the only NA/Sc image I could find.]
So I’ll say it right here in case I ever run for public office: I have some Native American blood in me. It’s kind of way back, but it’s there. If anyone wants me to take a DNA test to prove it, please send me (email: iwpeckham@gmail.comfor my physical address) one to take. I’m very proud of this part of my heritage. Those are my ancestors who really owned this country before my illegal-alien ancestors came over and killed most of my NA ancestors and took away their land.
I should hope my point is clear (and here I’m addressing pundits): enough of this stupid conversation about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA. Didn’t you learn anything from your having gone on and on about Hillary Clinton’s email? And look where that conversation got us. Please, pundits, let’s move on to substantive issues. 
Let’s demand a topic shift from ourselves and anyone we know. If you tweet, tweet a message to #enufWDna to let others know whether you, like me, have had enough of that stupid DNA conversation. Basically, Warren and Obama (who, let’s note, happens, like me, to be mixed race) did exactly the same thing: got some kind of data to shut up idiots like Trump.

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