Fox in the Henhouse

I would like to get Mr. Trump’s head on Renard’s body, but you’ll get the point. I don’t really have anything against Mr. Trump–I think he’s an intellectually challenged upper-class narcissist. He loves money and the power it gives him to grab pussy, kind of a classic four-inch dick imaging he has twelve. 
But here we are: the new regime. He’s going to make a few billion off this–using my and your taxes (I pay more than he pays). This is  a classic rip-off. But for those who imagine themselves as socially responsible (like working for equity): what do we do? I’m open for all ideas. I encourage all to sign up for the women’s march in DC (link), but we also have to move beyond that. Really, we clearly need to energize the progressive wing of the Democratic/Green party. I’m open for suggestions. Deep sigh. I do know that we need to get active. But I don’t know how. Here’s a link for DC:
Please sign up and let’s meet in DC.

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