Writing Task on First Day of Class

Writing Experiences

I am very interested in your experiences as a writer. I know (and hope) that you have described your experiences to your other writing teachers, but I don’t know them. I’m particularly interested in your early experiences–like the first ones you can remember and how these experiences may have changed over the years–and whether and how they changed your attitude toward writing and towards yourself as a writer. I would also like to know about your experience in English 101–whether and how that course may have affected your attitude toward writing, your knowledge of writing, and toward yourself as a writer.

Please give me about 15 minutes of a response to this question. I can assure you, I will find your responses interesting. You will also be reading each other’s responses–and I’m pretty certain that you’ll find others’ responses interesting. It’s particularly interesting when you think of how much writing has to do with how we get things done in the world.

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